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Bruxism and Airway Improvement Appliances

Children and Adults can exhibit tendencies to grind their teeth throughout life causing surface damage to the existing tooth enamel and trauma and damage to the jaw components of bone, cartilage, and muscle. To provide protection and relieve painful symptoms that exist we can provide acrylic splint appliances to wear during peak time periods where these parafunctional habits occur. Often a patient is unaware that there is a problem because the habit occurs during the person’s subconscious sleep levels late in the night.

Like clenching and grinding, patients also can have periods of reduced airway efficiency during sleep. Studies show that more than 50% percent of Adults have some tendencies to snore and for some with an apnea quitting breathing all together for up to half a minute or more. We can also provide acrylic jaw advancement appliances to open the airway, improve air flow into and out of the lungs, and improve the quality of life for our “tired” patients.