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Conservative and Cosmetic Restorations

Any tooth can suffer from tooth decay and require a filling to correct the defective enamel and dentinal surfaces. Our practice goal in this office is to provide a variety of materials that are biologically safe, reasonable in cost, durable over time and technologically advanced.

Today composite resin tooth colored filling material is the new standard of care. Because of its capability to be bonded into a cavity site and its natural coloration it is very desirable for a first time filling placement. It also requires a much smaller conservative opening in the tooth for proper placement.

Silver Amalgam is also available on a case by case basis especially for teeth that previously have been filled with that material. While the properties of silver amalgam remain the same as they were initially over one hundred years ago, some elements of the filling material have been changed to remove some of the biologically questionable metals. Bonding can be and is often used when placing larger silver fillings to improve the overall strength of the final restoration.

Porcelains and resin filling material are available for the heavily cosmetic restorative case situations. The porcelains of today and the more advanced technologies to form them into dental restorations give the most desirable cosmetic results of any dental material we use. Veneers, partial tooth overlay/inlay restorations and single full size crowns made of porcelain are extremely life like and durable once bonded in the mouth.