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Dental Crowns and Bridgework

As our teeth age, the amount of restorative filling material used to repair decayed, cracked/fractured, and broken tooth enamel in a single tooth can exceed the amount of healthy tooth structure that remains. For a tooth to survive with that much filling material we normally place a full coverage crown over the tooth for strength and protection. The crown covers all exposed side of the tooth and allows the patient to withstand the forces of chewing into a moderately hard or dense food material. Dental Crowns are routinely placed after a tooth has had a root canal procedure, after implant placement, and for teeth that will be supporting a removable partial denture appliance.

Occasionally the condition of a tooth can be unrestorable and is extracted leaving behind a space. The space can be closed using a row of crowns joined together that we call a “Fixed Bridge”. The bridge is cemented over several prepared teeth on either side of the missing tooth’s space the same as a single crown placement procedure.